How to Unpin Someone on Snapchat That Blocked You: A Guide

How to Unpin Someone on Snapchat That Blocked You: A Guide

Have you pinned a Snapchat conversation by accident? Perhaps you pinned someone deliberately, but now want to unpin them. Whatever your reasons for unpinning a conversation, we’re here to help. Here’s everything you need to know about how to unpin someone on Snapchat.

What is Pinning on Snapchat?

For today’s younger generation, Snapchat is the way to communicate and have fun. There are around 550 million Snapchat users worldwide. Whether it’s using filters, seeing your friends’ locations, messaging, making videos and photos with fun filters, Snapchat does it. For some people, Snapchat is the only communication tool they have with their friends and groups of friends. If there’s someone you communicate with more than anyone else, you might decide to ‘pin’ the conversation. This makes it easier to find and access.

Pinning is straightforward: from the chat screen you just need to tap and hold the conversation you want to pin, select ‘chat settings’ and then choose ‘pin conversation.’ You’ll then see an icon of a pin next to it and this means it will stay at the top of your chats, even if there are no new messages. But what do you do when you decide you no longer need or want to have the conversation pinned? The good news is that it’s just as easy to unpin someone on Snapchat.

Unpinning on Snapchat: It’s Easy!

Many people who’ve previously pinned conversations have simply forgotten how to unpin them again. Others want to know how to unpin someone on Snapchat with the new update. The good news is that it’s still easy to do.

If you have a pinned conversation and want to unpin it, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open Snapchat.
  2. Go to the Chat screen.
  3. Find the conversation you want to unpin, then press and hold it.
  4. Next, tap on ‘chat settings’, then click on ‘unpin Conversation.’
  5. The conversation will now be unpinned instantly.

The conversation that you’ve unpinned will then be like all other unpinned conversations; it will move up to the top of the list whenever there’s something new to see.

Many people ask, “Can someone tell if you unpin them on Snapchat?”. The good news is that no, they can’t. Whoever you pin and unpin is just for you. The other person has no way of knowing whether their conversation with you is pinned or not.

Reasons for Unpinning a Snapchat Conversation

Surprisingly enough, one of the most frequently asked questions on this topic is how to unpin someone on Snapchat that blocked you. Whatever their reasons for blocking you, having their chat pinned at the top of your conversations serves as a stark reminder of that fact. Being able to unpin them allows you to move on and get over it. Another reason might simply be that the person messages you so often that the chat might be at the top all the time anyway, so there’s no need to pin it at all! Since you never have to worry about the other person knowing, pinning and unpinning can be done as often as you want.

Final thoughts

So, now you know how to pin and unpin your conversations on Snapchat – and you also know you can do this undetected. Whatever your reasons, it’s so easy to make Snapchat customizable like this, which is one of the many reasons it remains so popular among smartphone users.